Law on the Border Premieres August 24th at 10pm

Nogales, Arizona is America on the crossroads. All around, a fierce, forbidding desert stretches into the horizon, a barren landscape almost completely devoid of water and home to deadly, wild animals. Humans were not meant to live in this place. And yet, Nogales is a major U.S. port of entry. Over sixty thousand people pass through this port daily. For those living here, the port is both a blessing and a curse. International traffic brings business to the local economy, but it also brings terror – drug smuggling and human trafficking. The men of the Nogales K-9 unit with their highly-trained and dangerous canine partners are committed to fight this terror at any cost.

Law on the Border is a six-episode series following the men of the Nogales K-9 Unit as they chase down cartel smugglers and protect the innocent people of their home town. I was lucky enough to write the first and last episode of this soon-to-be hit series. Be sure to catch the premiere Friday, August 24th at 10pm (ET/PT) on Animal Planet.

Animal Planet Info : Discovery Press Web.

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