End of Year Update

I can’t tell you how insane the last few months have been – series writing a new season of Nat Geo’s World’s Weirdest (including my first professional voiceover performance for broadcast), pushing my editing prowess on an independent web video project, and putting my producing skills to the test with a Burmese python special for Animal Planet.

After 5+ years of recording scratch tracks for Hoff Productions, a client finally asked the question, “Why not just use his voice for the show?” I’m flattered, but it’s easier said than done. Forget that I still have to show up to work on other projects in the meantime, pushing your voice for hours takes a lot out of you. I gained new respect for my fellow professional voiceover talent and I’m really excited that people will get to hear me on the air.

Honing my editing skills has actually been a lot of fun. From writing the a-roll to finding just the right music and visuals to propel the story forward, I think this new role is a perfect fit. Once you get past the technical ins-and-outs of the editing interface, it’s all the same storytelling I’ve been working hard to perfect for years. I look forward to more opportunities to hone my editing craft.

Finally, stepping back into a full-on producing role after years of focused writing has been a real thrill. Usually, I’m waiting for the footage to come in and hoping there’ll be enough to tell a great story. Although it’s been stressful at times, I definitely knew well before the writing stage that I had everything “in the can.” Having just completed the Rough Cut, I cannot wait to reveal when Animal Planet will air this new special.

More to come in 2013…

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